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dwarf cherry tree pictures. dwarf cherry tree pictures.
  • dwarf cherry tree pictures.

  • ecphot
    Mar 30, 09:22 PM
    in Lion - in the user's home folder is the library hidden? according to some people on the photoshop forums - Apple has decided to make things simpler for new users. I hope thats not true. Can anyone confirm this?

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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 21, 02:58 PM
    Boo...I want it bigger.

    No..really...I do. :mad:

    Besides Viagra you need to visit some other websites that promise that, not MR.

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  • gallinger
    Aug 2, 02:45 PM
    As soon as the new macpro's are out for shipping im getting one. Im like on edge cuz I want it now. cant wait. haha

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  • on my dwarf cherry tree.

  • cyberone
    Nov 22, 11:20 PM

    I went through 8 - eight - treo 650, because the hardware quality was so poor, not to mention the constant resets.

    now, imagine, i have a phone without a reset button. no, its not a palm device.

    and i bet the iphone wont have a reset button.

    your phones were decent - compared to the competition - three years ago with the announcement of the 650.

    others have long overtaken you. and you have no answer.

    I bet you cant wait to see that iphone and realize what you've all missed.

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  • gnasher729
    Aug 4, 03:00 AM
    MBP Merom anyone? Appleinsider has always been reliable...so this may happen. This WWDC is gonna be great!

    This is not a question of Appleinsider being reliable, more a matter of rumor sites making a guess that is absolutely obvious. There is no way that Apple could _not_ use Merom in the future, since Intel will sell it at exactly the same price that it charges for Yonah today.

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 23, 08:22 PM
    Having extra resolution would probably look awesome on the GUI, but I'm afraid everything else is going to look like crap.

    The graphics used on websites, for example, would become a pixel counting fest. Unless the entire web updates their graphics, of course. But that would mean slow loading times. Imagine all the smileys used on this forum would have a resolution of 512x512 pixels, or more. Yikes!

    This won't be an issue.

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  • dpruitt
    Mar 29, 08:46 AM
    Okay, nice, guys. This is MacRumors, not AmazonRumors. Who gives a crap about Amazon? Move along now.

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  • Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree

  • robvas
    Apr 26, 04:25 PM
    Since publishers don't see squat for revenue from Android users (look at the numbers comparing app purchases on iPhone vs Android), what does this mean for Android apps in the long-term?

    Will they quit making them? Will they continue, and just be subsidized by iOS profits?

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  • The Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree

  • Daveoc64
    May 4, 03:11 PM
    If I want, I can install Mac OS X SL or Leopard on a 1000 machines using the same CD. :)

    Not legally.

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 3, 12:08 AM
    well i agree that 64-bit is something, but considering you can't put more than 4 GB of RAM in a Macbook now anyways, it's not going to help that much.(i know i'm just using the Macbook as an example) and by the time you need 64-bit because of software, it'll probably be time for a new computer anyways.....right?Merom:

    Almost Twice the Battery life - 1.67 x
    Twice the L2 cache - 4MB
    20% more calculations at same speed.
    Same price as Yonah.

    Why not have these improvements ASAP? If you want to buy a Yonah Mac for less, just go to the refurb page. They are all there. If not, the one you want will come back soon. I monitor that page regularly and everything is in the refurb cycle now including most recently the 17" MBP.

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  • ptaylor874
    Nov 3, 10:11 AM
    DOH - Not sure how this double posted - I wrote it and after submitting it I had to sign back in. Looks like my session timed out...

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  • ucfgrad93
    May 6, 07:08 PM
    Com'on lads! we are waisting precious time.
    i just need one volunteer to split off, or one volunteer to lead the group so i split off.
    it really is worth to do this as it cuts down on unproductive turns, which means lees varmints to soil our weapons with.

    I'll volunteer.

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  • TennisandMusic
    Apr 18, 03:24 PM
    Have you looked at the TouchWiz UI? It's almost identical to iOS - dock at the bottom, pages of icons in a grid and you even remove applications in the same way as you do on the iPhone. I've nothing at all against competition for iOS, but they shouldn't just rip the design off


    Yeah that looks similar, I was referring to the tablet/honeycomb.

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  • bigjohn
    Aug 4, 12:58 AM
    Who voted negative????? You want it slower, eh? Give the man a G3! No, a 601!

    he can have one my old 68k's

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 21, 05:41 PM
    Hopefully it'll be cheaper as well... :D

    ...in your (wet) dreams, yeah. ;)

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  • jamesryanbell
    Mar 28, 11:56 AM
    Good. If I've got the latest stuff, I don't want that to be second rate that quickly. Give me till 2012 at least. (joking)

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  • iJohnHenry
    May 3, 10:26 AM
    I like my miles, inches, gallons, and pounds.

    I like my inches in centimetres, because it seems longer, and my pounds in stones, because it seems lighter. :p

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  • typecase
    Aug 7, 04:42 PM
    The power supply is on top like the rumor sites said it would be. This seems like a stupid design decision to me. The power cord will hang over everything else. They probably did it out of necessity, but my dual G5 is still prettier.

    Also, with the move to intel, can I use the PC version of the same card?

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  • bedifferent
    Apr 23, 04:30 PM
    If this is true, I'd be a little pissed lol. I just traded up from my two 23" ACD's for two 24" LED LCD's.

    Hopefully this means with the Mac Pro rumors refresh and Final Cut release that Apple is refocusing on their neglected pro-line. Maybe we'll see a full line of dedicated displays instead of one stripped down iMac panel.

    Number 41
    Apr 26, 02:36 PM
    Mac is still a success nonetheless...

    Will be the same for the iPhone. Apple is happy with 2 models on 2 providers in the USA...

    Mac still doesn't have the software selection of Windows. Mac succeeds in spite of it's lack of developers because owning a Mac became "cool" at some point in the past 15 years. Microsoft shooting themselves in the head with Vista helped as well.

    Can the iPhone succeed when devs start to divert resources to Android development? Will the "cool" factor of owning an iPhone save it when the next "Angry Birds" type game is only available on Android? Or when major corporations develop Apps for their employees that require them to own Android phones (as happened with DOS/Windows back in the 80s and 90s)?

    Apple is happy now because they're making money. The gravy train will end when the balance reaches a tipping point -- as the PC market did -- where it simply isn't profitable to divert resources away from the majority market share to develop for the minority market share.

    Mar 29, 09:11 AM
    nope, they've just restricted it.

    I wonder if Atomic Browser could view it with a faked browser ID...

    Small White Car
    May 4, 02:50 PM
    I wonder if Apple will start selling an 'App Store USB Drive' in the future.

    Much like you can launch Disk Utility from a DVD, you could perhaps launch the app store from this drive. Log in and download the OS you need. If you've already paid for it, it's free. If not, buy it now.

    Perhaps all Macs will come with one soon. You'll never have to worry about WHICH software you have...just use the drive. Download 10.7 with it soon or 10.8 later...doesn't matter, you just use the same drive to download anything.

    The licence is only for one computer.

    If you want to install it on a different machine you must install the original copy first.

    The Mac App Store says:

    "You can install apps on every Mac you use and even download them again."

    That implies that if I go on a friend's computer for 5 minutes once a year I could install Lion on it for no charge.

    It's only Macs you've logged into using your iTunes account. In theory this is MORE restrictive. In the past I could buy 1 Tiger disk and put it anywhere and everywhere. No one would know.

    With now with Lion and this app-store method, I've gotta be logged in to my friend's computer, giving him access to download apps using my name...and using my gift-card money I've inputted. Hmm...doesn't sound like such a good deal anymore.

    May 4, 03:54 PM
    I'd say go ahead, but I'm somewhat confused in what the villain can do. He gets to see our moves, so he can just put a trap anywhere?

    I'm against splitting until we level up.

    Mar 30, 01:37 AM
    The good news is that it sounds like the plant wasn't damaged. While I am sure making batteries for Apple is not on the top of their priority list, their economy starting back up will help speed their recovery. A little bit of good news I hope.

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