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  • JBG87
    Apr 8, 10:24 PM

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  • SkippyThorson
    Oct 6, 10:50 AM
    Finally, a Verizon commercial that I like!


    Clever on their part. Perhaps AT&T will get a clue, or perhaps Verizon is just asking to get the iPhone handed to them. ;)

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  • Gelfin
    Apr 15, 03:25 PM
    History, while interesting, has always struck me as unimportant in educating Children for essential workforce skills. Leave history for Colleges or elective courses.

    Because understanding the events of the nightly news as a part of the ongoing process of human civilization unfolding, the result of a complex web of chain reactions spanning millennia, instead of a perpetual, meaningless, stroboscopic spectacle of now, is of no value whatsoever. In fact, wasting time with peripheral awareness only distracts children from their training to serve as maximally efficient labor resources for their forty or fifty useful adult years before we stash them away to wait for death.

    Ever stop to think where your values come from, and who benefits from them? That's probably not an essential workforce skill either.

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  • -hh
    Oct 19, 10:16 AM
    The market share (and Princeton report) are favorable news for the Mac platform and for Apple.

    But it is interesting to read this from Gartner, in the light that this very same Company is also in the news right now for their "Macs should be made by Dell" splash (actual paper was "Apple Should License the Mac to Dell")

    In conjunction with this articles observation that Dell's PC marketshare has been sliding (lost worldwide #1 to HP, etc), along with business reports that aren't rosey on Dell's margins (nor their get well plan, which isn't working), the newsfolk who picked up on Gartner really got their headline wrong. It really should have been IMO:

    "Dell sliding bad - needs rescue in form of Mac licence from Apple".

    In said report (the other one, not this one) Gartner suggested that 'Apple should concentrate on what it does best - create software - and make use of Dell's production and distribution infrastructure.' In this report, there's not a peep of such 'black clouds on the horizon' for Apple ... must be two different guys in the Gartner shop :)

    Quite interesting, since the bottom line right now is that the Mac Pro is known to be less expensive than the Dell equivalent, for what does that suggest about expertise in cutting deals with Intel, and efficiently running production & distrubution?

    The reality is that Apple generally contracts out much of their manufacturing, true. However, so does Dell. As such, why should Apple bother to pay to go through Dell? That's called using a "Middle Man" and this intermediate step would increase costs, which would then either lower Apple's unit profits, or force them to raise prices ... which hearkens the 'Macs cost more' paradigm.

    This is why Gartner's suggestion seems to be more aimed to help Dell through their current fiscal troubles but does not help Apple in any meaningful way at this time.

    Perhaps Apple will need Dell for access to Dell's assemblers, but that would only occur when Apple's total market share gets huge - say exceeds 33%. Barring a Vista-catastrophy, at the current rate of market share growth, we're still more than a year or two away from having to cross that bridge, which ironically gives Michael Dell plenty of time to become more retrospective and apologetic about inflammatory comments he has made of Apple in the past.


    PS: if you look more closely at Apple's 3Q numbers, you'll see that desktop sales were relatively flat: the growth was in laptops.

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  • Knox
    Jan 5, 03:24 PM
    I wish they at least did that still. I mean, they offer a streaming video after the event, is it really so much more expensive to to offer it live?

    Although the data transferred may be the same or more with on-demand streams, when it's live there will be much higher simultaneous usage. With high-end hosting in general, simultaneous usage is the killer and not really total bandwidth usage. With the popularity of Apple these days the number of simultaneous streams could be extremely high (I mean, if MacRumors gets 100,000 visitors simultaneously think what Apple would get themselves).

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  • Yakuza
    Apr 18, 07:51 AM
    Anyone to comment on the iPhone pics at

    what??? On this one you can change the battery? lol

    iiii don't know, hard to tell. even though it's a full assembled mobile, it just doesn't has that Apple touch!

    I like most of the first early photos

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  • wvuwhat
    Dec 4, 07:40 PM
    -Red Dot Site


    Semtex, Willey pete, Claymore

    Hardline pro, Hardcore pro, Marathon pro

    RC, Care package, Chopper Gunner

    I've got my ideal set-up for my style of play.


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  • mdntcallr
    Oct 3, 02:26 PM
    lets hope for a great keynote:

    1- new Mac without display, performance would be better than imac, and not as much $$ as mac pro. basically a mid sized tower good enough for mid level use on graphics, games and much more. something upgradable by the end user.
    2- media center to complement the Itv
    3- new OS X 10.5 (this is a big deal)
    4- adobe news of release
    5- new HDTV initiative macs with Blu-Ray available as option. to work with current HD video editing software.

    Would like before then:
    1- would love a new Macbook Pro. with blu-ray drive, better hard drive( upto 160 gb or maybe 200 gb by then) with core 2 duo.

    2- also, love by then the new quad CPU mac pro. maybe only on highest end model.

    3- apple to have discovered a way for less expensive ram to be used in the Mac Pro. it's DAMN expensive compared to the rest of whats out there

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  • janstett
    Oct 18, 11:32 AM
    For those who aren't intimately familiar with HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, I've really gotten into it in the past few months so here's a quick primer:

    Discs will be replaced by downloads? Let me know when I can download a movie in 1080p with lossless 5.1 sound in a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps to the iToons generation that thinks 128kbps sound is good you can live with downloaded movies, but for me I don't think CD is good enough (I'm an SACD/DVD-A geek). Likewise I don't think DVD is good enough, why do I want to go backwards (downloadable movies) instead of forward (HD disc)?

    Blu-Ray is the superior format, on paper. No doubt. However, there are a couple of wrenches in the works.

    First, both formats are actually 90% the same. The physical storage medium is based on the same principles (blue laser) but different implementation (mostly depth of the reflective layer in the substrate). Blu-Ray is slightly denser and offers a higher total capacity (50GB vs 34GB, something like that). Blu-Ray is actually sort-of a superset of DVD from there, once you get to what's actually on the disc. HD-DVD has a new encryption layer (they learned from CSS), Blu-Ray uses this same scheme and then puts a 2nd layer of encryption on top of it. Both use the same codecs -- MPEG2, MPEG-4 H.262, and VC1 (Microsoft's codec), and Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pure HD, DTS Plus, etc.

    I believe movie studio support determines who wins. The studios were split 50-50 pretty much. Then, something funny happened. Some HD-DVD studios announced they would ALSO support Blu-Ray. In my mind, that meant Blu-Ray wins.

    The launch came, HD-DVD came out first and Toshiba led the way with a pair of chunky, heavy, PC-based players at $500 and $1000. Everyone hated the Toshiba players, they were slow, unwieldy, and have awful remotes. A few months later Blu-Ray launched with Samsung's $1000 player, and surprisingly this player was AWFUL, and the picture quality looks worse over HDMI than component because they forgot to turn off some video filtering. Worse, the Blu-Ray transfers thus far have been very poor quality. This seems to be because Blu-Ray is leaning towards old MPEG-2 HD transfers, while HD-DVD has embraced VC1 (which is the best of the 3 video codecs for quality and size) and gotten new encodings with Microsoft's attention. Then, Toshiba started putting out firmware updates for their HD-DVD players and suddenly their players didn't suck so bad.

    So here we are; the only Blu-Ray player on the market is a Samsung, Sony has no presence. We're one month away from the launch of the PS3 (which will play Blu-Ray) and the X-Box 360 HD-DVD drive.

    Right now, HD-DVD has all the momentum. The Blu-Ray titles are low quality, they have no $500 player, and HD-DVD is building a head of steam.

    I know I'm the minority around here when I say this, but I don't own an iPod. :eek: Yeah, it's true... I personally don't care for the MP3 format and the lesser quality offerings of iTunes. If it isn't at least CD quality, uncompressed, I don't want it. And yes, I can hear the difference on my sound system which is a separate setup from my home theatre.

    :) I love iPods but I know I'm trading off quality for convenience. Meanwhile, I'm re-ripping all of my hundreds of CDs into Apple lossless format and putting the CDs in storage. It's not SACD, but at least I'll be back to CD quality.

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  • Illusion986
    Apr 16, 12:08 AM
    Everyone keeps saying that aluminum will mess with the signal. But what I'm wondering about is how will the iPad 3G will deal with that? Is 3G iPad going to look different than Wifi model thats currently out?

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  • varcos
    Jan 9, 04:22 PM
    Actually, if you haven't had any spoilers yet, don't go to the any other page on the Apple site (there's a spoiler in the navigation bar), only do the straight to the mwsf07 link.

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  • longsilver
    Sep 12, 07:45 AM
    The Stores seem to be listing MacBook delivery times as 5-7 working days. Is that normal or has it been increased? If it's an increase might that suggest a speedbump or something? There's not been much rumour activity around that though.

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  • psycoswimmer
    Jan 9, 02:00 PM
    Wow, so much for the spoiler free link. I just checked the page and saw WHAT THEY ANNOUNCED in some kind of news ticker!!!!!!!

    Maybe next year.

    :mad: I just refreshed before you said that and I saw that too. Ah, well. We don't know any details so the wait isn't completely lost.

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  • theelysium
    Dec 13, 01:13 PM
    Apple is not going to waste their time making a 4G phone for a network that is literally 35 grains of sand tossed out on to the US map.

    There is way too much hardware development, patent fees, marketing costs and other things to consider. Apple would not go through all those costs just for a measly 4G LTE network.

    This news is bogus.

    Take a look for yourself:

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  • JonasLondon
    Oct 11, 04:40 AM
    I work at Best Buy and I've messed with it. It's actually pretty cool until you roll out the giant piece of crap that is the speakers.

    Anything with built in speakers should be confiscated and trashed. How I dislike these wanna-be cool guys on the busses playing their Gangsta HipHop through tiny horribly sounding speakiers on full blast. I'm telling one off every week... it works, but why they can't just get headphones is beyond me... :mad:

    sorry for the rant, bring on a nice iPod Video with NEF/RAW reading capability for us photographers, I'm a waiting customer. And yes, a smaller MacBook with 10 hour battery life, non-reflective screen and a graphics card to use it with Aperture/RAW would be sooo nice... :)

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  • yg17
    Apr 21, 12:29 PM
    And it didn't even take me long to find an example:

    What did he say in that post that is so deserving of the negative ratings?

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  • jayducharme
    May 3, 01:52 PM
    Maybe to let us know they're not just cracking down on iPhone owners?

    And also maybe to suggest that "open" isn't all it's cracked up to be. The promise of an open system doesn't always play out in the real world. It works well for geeks who know what they're doing, but for the average consumer it can create a big headache (inadvertently installing a rogue program, for instance). It's a trade-off: more freedom vx. more stability.

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  • tech4all
    Nov 24, 05:28 PM
    Too bad the iPod Shuffle wasn't on sale. I was considering ordering one today if it were on sale. :(

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